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“In the New Zealand context, Bayleys real estate is an amazing and sizeable untold commercial success story, up there with the Warehouse and Michael Hill, yet totally unacknowledged for this. I can only imagine this is because they’re not a public company, so the news media and therefore the public remain oblivious to their accomplishment and relevance. But I’ve had 45 years in this business across the globe and by any standard they’re right up there with the best.“
Sir Robert Jones, KPI Comercial Magazine, September 2005
Bayleys began in 1973 as a three-person real estate company founded by the late Graham and Pam Bayley and their son, and current executive chairman, John Bayley.
From those small beginnings, Bayleys has grown into one of New Zealand’s largest property services companies with a staff of over 1200 and 60 offices throughout New Zealand and in Fiji. In its last financial year, Bayleys negotiated 6,891 unconditional property transactions across all market sectors, with a total gross value in excess of NZ $6 billion.

Bayleys focused at first on commercial and industrial property. As the company has expanded nationally into every aspect of property, three generations of the family have led Bayleys large and dedicated nationwide team. John and David Bayley (above) – the company’s two principals – are proud that the family values that fuelled Bayleys’ initial success still anchor the team approach of the nationwide Bayleys network.